Frequently Asked Questions - Louisville

I purchased my ticket months (weeks) (days) ago and still don't have it. Where is it? We switched to an all electronic ticket system when we went on sale in November. We no longer mail tickets. Please check your inbox for an e-mail from Eventbrite with instructions to print your ticket.

I purchased my ticket during Abbey Road on the River 2011 and still have not received it. What do I do? All tickets that were purchased during Abbey Road on the River last May were e-mailed in November. If you cannot find yours contact us at and we will resend it.

I don't want to buy tickets on the website. where can I buy them in Louisville? Tickets are available at all Louisville Kroger Stores, Hard Rock Café , Fourth Street Live, and Louisville Visitor Center, Fourth Street and Jefferson.

Is 21 and under free admission? If you purchased your tickets before February 18, then you also received a free 21 under ticket. At the door, five and under is free, and 6 to 21 is $10 general admission, $20 reserved.


What if I cannot print or lose my ticket? First, don't worry! We have a record of every ticket purchase and can easily track your order at the box office when you arrive.


What's the deal with the Jefferson Starship VIP Upgrade? It is an upgrade, not a ticket. Do not purchase the upgrade without first purchasing a multi day or single day Ultimate Ticket To Ride


When and how do I receive my wristband? There are two ways; bring the ticket that you purchased through our website and we will scan it and exchange it for a wristband, or purchase one each day at the box office.


Is there handicap access? While the venues are 100% accessible, it is a large site, and can be difficult at times to get everywhere as easily or fast as you may hope for. 


Can you leave and come back during the event? Yes, the daily wristband is the only access you need to get in and out of the festival. 5-day Best Fans get one wristband for the weekend. Wristbands and colors change every day for day single day reserved and GA and walk up. 


Are the bands transferable? Like if I can't stay up for a late night show (as an ex.), can my teen use it? No, we cannot transfer wristbands or any other credential.


What happens if I lose my pass? If you purchased your tickets through our office or website your order is in our file.


What happens if I lose or break my festival wristband?  Losing is not a good thing, breaking we can resolve.


Just wondering, is there going to be designated, enforced smoking areas this year?  There is no smoking at the Lawn, Fountain, River, and Knoll stages.


What happens if it rains? We hate rain! However we are prepared for it with three indoor stages one outdoor stage fully covered, and schedule contingencies. Even if it rains you will get to see many many many concerts.

I know there are lots of great food vendors, but is there outside food permitted?  No coolers, picnic baskets, camelbacks will be allowed. Outside food will be only allowed for children,( i.e. what they need-fruit, snacks, milk), and adults with dietary restrictions can carry small amounts in a purse or medium sized backpack. Fans can bring in one (1) bottle of sealed water not to exceed 20 oz. each. 


What do I do when I get to the event site if I have questions?   The guest information and ticket check is at the main outdoor box office on The Belvedere. This area is open all hours of the festival.  


Where do I park and how much does it cost? Parking is at the Galt House. Call for current prices, (502) 589-5200. City parking is available; please call the Parking Authority (PARC) at (502)587-7275 for more information.  

Are there bike racks on site?No, but when you walk up the Belvedere main driveway there are areas where you can lock your bicycle.


Is there security on site? Yes, there is 24-hour security. 


Where is the closest bank /ATM?  There is an ATM at the main box office, and inside the hotel.


How hot will it get in the day and how cold will it get at night? Will it rain?  While we all hope for the best, watch the forecast, and pack accordingly. A jacket, sweater, hat, flip-flops, couldn’t hurt. Bring sunscreen and ear plugs for kids.


Can I bring an umbrella to block the sun? As long as you are aware of people behind you.

Can I bring water? Yes, one (1) 20 oz. sealed bottle per ticketed person.


Are strollers allowed into the venue? Yes, if it is for an infant/toddler. 


Will there be pay phones inside the venue? Sorry, No. Steal an IPhone.


Will there be a Lost & Found? (Lost keys, cell phones, etc.)  Yes, there will be a Lost & Found booth at Main Box office; good stuff will be on Pawn Shops 2012.


Will there be First Aid on site?  If you need first aid, go to the Main box office.


Will there be a festival map available ahead of time? Yes, click here. It will also be on the festival guide being passed out upon entrance. LINE UP SUBJECT TO CHANGE. 


What should I bring along if I want to be in the Saturday Night Yellow Submorons Parade?  Costumes, hats, banners, signs, noisemakers, beads, money, and trinkets to toss to the crowd, etc. 


Can I bring my guitar, banjo, ukulele, cowbell, timpani, etc. to the late night sing along?  Yes, just don’t bring them all.


Can I hang out with the bands? I like bands. And the Abbey Road on the River Bands like the fans: bring them cookies and we know they will hang out with you.


Will the hotel pool be open? Yes, but please wear a suit.


Can I swim in the River? Yes, at your own risk. Please wear a hazmat suit.

Now I have to pee; where do I go?There are portable bathrooms on the festival site near the main entrance; there are flushable bathrooms at the back of the Belvedere, and there are lots of bathrooms in the Galt House Hotel, including mine, room 2612.

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