Aaron Krerowicz | Beatle Scholar

Aaron Krerowicz | Beatle Scholar

Despite being born 15 years after the band broke up, Aaron Krerowicz is the United States of America’s only full-time professional Beatles scholar. He won a research grant through the University of Hartford to study the band in November 2011 and in the 5 years since has presented his findings more than 150 times throughout the US and England. Aaron’s first Beatles book, “The Beatles & The Avant-Garde”, was published in 2014. His second, “The Beatles: Band of the Sixties” was released as an Amazon Kindle ebook in April 2015. And his third, “From the Shadow of JFK: The Rise of Beatlemania in America”, was published last June. More recently, in January 2016 Aaron launched “The Beatles Minute”, a series of brief analytical videos about the band, which can be found on YouTube. For more information, including a complete list of his upcoming speaking engagements, visit his website:

Three programs (one Friday, one Saturday, and one Sunday) works for me. I know you specifically requested the White Album show for Saturday, so here’s what I recommend booking:

Friday: The Influence of American Rock ‘n’ Roll on the Beatles

Saturday: Carte Blanche: The Beatles’ White Album

SundayLet it Be: The Beatles, January 1969

The United States of America has only one full-time professional Beatles scholar, and he will present his research in Louisville  in May. Krerowicz graduated from Butler University with a Bachelor’s of Music in 2008, then earned a Master’s of Music from Boston University in 2010, and a Graduate Artist Diploma from the University of Hartford in 2012. While still a student in Connecticut, he won a research grant through the University to study the Beatles. Sincthen, he has made a full-time career of presenting his research and analysis of the band’s music and their place in history.

His first book, The Beatles & The Avant-Garde, was published in 2014. His second, The Beatles: Band of the Sixties, was released in April 2015 as an Amazon Kindle ebook. And his third, From the Shadow of JFK: The Rise of Beatlemania in America, was published in June 2015. All three books are available for purchase om Amazon.com.

When not writing, Krerowicz maintains a busy travel schedule in order to present his findings. In 2015, hevisited 14 states to deliver 86 presentations. Additionally, he made his first English lecture tour in July 2015, during which he spoke twice in London and thrice in Liverpool, the band’s hometown.

For more information – including his complete upcoming schedule, and to register for his free monthly email newsletters – visit his website: