The Beatles Forever Band | Germany

The Beatles Forever Band | Germany


The smokey Cavern Club, Ringo Starr on drums, a touch of Strawberry Fields and hectic Penny Lane, Star-Club and Reeperbahn, Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison – passion and youth memories: they are now alive again!

With THE BEATLES FOREVER BAND you go on time journey, come with them on Magic Mystery Tour and dive into the Liverpool the 60s. Four Beatle performers and the melodies of the Fab Four tear it off with. Together with special guest ‘Billy Preston’, the band gives everything, really everything. Music and nostalgia mingle.

Founded in 2001 by Manfred Hansen, they should be aware of a trio, with high demanding concert. At first attempt, the ‘small band’ was opened many great opportunities concerts. Increasingly more they flirted with a classical quartet occupation – the original content was too overpowering. They played in Germany as well as in interesting places like The Cavern Club in Liverpool, Montreux Festival in Switzerland, Formula I Racetrack in Hockenheim or in Saudi Arabia. So who is the Band?

George ‘fast finger’ Hartwig is a Beatle of second generation and impressed by the playful handling of his Epiphone Casino. If you close your eyes, you meant to hear playing George Harrison.
Frank ‘Nightingale’ Pieper is the bass man and a well known musician in Germany. He played with ‘Purple Schulz’ and sung many years in ‘Starlight Express’. Moreover he was already on stage with George Harrison and Cliff Richard.
Hans ‘smart aleck’ Momber was in the sixties co-founder of the legendary band ‘Mamas Children’ and plays Ringo’s parts 1:1 and has a formidable voice.
Manfred ‘Money’ Hansen plays the Rhythm Guitar and the Blues Harp. He is also head of the business and organizational head of the band.
Noppy Nitsch, the ‘quiet one’ in the band, is the 5th Beatle at the Piano, the Keyboards and the Percussions. He supports the band in many songs as congenial music partner.