FABGirls | Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun

FABGirls | Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun

FABGirls – Beatles by women:

They found an unconditional passion in common: The Beatles. In 2010, with the wish to honor their idols, the FABGirls – Beatles by Women started its journey, in Campinas – Brazil.

With intense performances, the band combines refined vocal harmonies, guitars, bass and drums, reinventing songs with personality and presenting a vast repertoire that goes through all the British quartet’s phases.

During the 4 early years they’ve been together, the band has played over one hundred shows in bars, at parties, as well as social and corporative events in 24 Brazilian cities. They also released a music videoclip that has over 10 thousand views and have played concerts at the BH Beatleweek in Belo Horizonte for 2 consecutive years.

In 2015, the FABGirls – Beatles by Women turned its fifth year into the most successful of its career, dedicating itself to a wide series of international and national shows, attending the biggest Beatles festivals of the world and forming great partnerships, also improving its visual concept by adopting outstanding customized apparel.

The International celebration has, so far, embraced 12 concerts in the US, including shows in NY and at the reputable festival Abbey Road on the River in May. It also passed through London and Liverpool in August, performing 12 concerts at the International Beatleweek. Some of them at the famous Cavern Club, the stage established by years of shows by The Beatles in the early 60’s.

Back home, the band played dozens of shows in several Brazilian cities, including a tour with the American guest Ringer Star, the best cover artist of The Beatles’ drummer in the world.

Today, with Marina Tavares and Bruna Neves on guitar and vocals, Ju Milasseno on bass and vocals and Yara Oliveira on drums and vocals, the FABGirls – Beatles by Women will bring the crowd a unique experience, inviting everybody to joyfully celebrate the world’s greatest bands’ masterpieces!