Sunday, Aug 21, 1966

The Beatles were to have performed at Cincinnati’s Crosley Field on the previous day, Saturday 20 August 1966. However, heavy rain and the risk of electrocution led to their performance being postponed until noon on this day.

The support acts on The Beatles’ final tour, The Remains, Bobby Hebb, The Cyrkle and The Ronettes, had all performed the day before, prior to the downpour beginning. The Beatles were the only act to play on this day, after which they flew 341 miles to St Louis, Missouri to perform an evening concert.



Powel Crosley introduces the first low price radio for the masses, called the Harko, that sold for just $7 and much less than the $100 price tag on radios at that time.


Powel Crosley received license for commercial station WLW “The Nation’s Station”. One year later WLW reaches 500,000 watts (the largest ever) and Crosley is dubbed “The Henry Ford of Radio” for bringing radio available to the masses.


Crosley adds refrigerators and other household appliances to his consumer products line. In 1932 (or 1933) he introduces the “Shelvador” refrigerator that features shelving in the unit and on the door, which becomes an instant success.


To keep the Cincinnati Reds in his hometown, Crosley purchases the team and just one year later Crosley Field hosts the first night game ever in MLB history.


Crosley introduces the first compact car in the US, which will go 60 miles to the gallon, to rave reviews in The Post, Newsweek and Time. It featured the “Roamio” a radio capable of receiving thirty stations without changing signal strength.


Powel Crosley sells WLW (as well as Crosley Corporation) to the Aviation Corporation (AVCO)


The first portable TV set was pioneered under the Crosley brand name, and becomes the best selling set in the industry.


The Crosley Brand re-introduces a white goods program and a complete line of appliances based in Winston-Salem, NC.


Crosley Radio develops a complete line of authentic vintage-inspired electronics honoring Powel Crosley.


Crosley introduces a full size jukebox replica complete with full functioning bubble tubes, CD player and AM/FM radio with digital tuner marrying the technology of today with the look of yesteryear.


“The Stack is Back” – Crosley introduces the Stack-O-Matic record changer as a tribute to the original that made listening to records continuously a staple in every household.


Keeping with the growing trend of preserving old memories, Crosley develops its first CD Player/Recorder with the capability of recording vinyl albums to CD or digital files.


Crosley expands into the home furnishing market with a complete line of entertainment-focused furniture.


Crosley Radio continues to expand its product line creating vintage-inspired electronics incorporating the latest technologies such as iPod docks, Bluetooth and MP3 capabilities.