Day Trippers | Holland

Day Trippers | Holland

For International Beatles Week 2010, in Liverpool, UK, much to the group’s delighted surprise, seven of the gigs were played at the famous Cavern Club. With this venue as divine, magical and historical inspiration, the decision was made to cement this union permanently and resulted in the formation of our band, known today as Day Trippers. They have been successfully delighting audiences far and wide ever since. In august 2012 they performed at the Abbey Road On The River festival in Washington DC, USA and in august 2013 they played in Liverpool again. This was such a success that they are asked to do performances on other Beatles festivals, such as in Belgium, France and Sweden.
Our song list covers the Beatles greats from the early R&R days of 1960-1964, to the experimental studio years of 1965-1970. Day Trippers doesn’t try to be a look-alike band; we play Beatles songs, both recorded and live, in our own way – with a subtle twist! But, rest assured, our sound always respects the intention and melodies of the originals. We create an authentic sound that’s always Fab Four worthy!”
We are looking forward to play in Louisville 2014 for the very first time!

Our motto: “LET’S BEATLE IT!”

Day Trippers are:
– Paul Gregoor: Vocals, drums and piano;
– Ernie Hoffmeister: Vocals, guitar, piano and drums;
– Patric Roes: Bass and vocals
– Fred de Vooght: Guitar and vocals.