Georgina Flood | Ireland

Georgina Flood | Ireland


Abbey Road On The River Resident Artist GEORGINA FLOOD, 35, is a native of Dublin, Ireland. She lives there with her husband Garry and daughter Mia. Georgina is a self taught, graphite artist. Inspired by her Dad’s artistic skills, Georgina has had a lifetime ambition to be a portrait artist.

In college, her instructors thought her work was too stylized and graphic. Luckily, she didn’t listen and has developed a very distinct look in her work, with the portrait’s hair becoming her signature mark.

Named after Beatle guitarist, George Harrison, Georgina has been influenced both spiritually and artistically by George and those other three.

2012 has been an exceptional year for Georgina. She was the “guest artist” at both The Welch Beatles Fest in June and The Irish Beatles Fest in July.

Labor Day weekend, she was invited to appear at “Abbey Road on the River” fest, in Washington D.C., where her entire gallery was on display. Georgina donated a John Lennon original at that fest to raise money for The Desmoid Tumor Foundation.

Yoko’s awareness and acceptance of Georgina marked the third time that a Beatle – or in this case a spouse – has accepted her work. In 1998, Ringo accepted a portrait by Georgina, while onstage. His graciousness extended to asking Georgina to stand up and take a bow!

In 2011, Georgina was asked by a friend and author, to illustrate the cover of her book, written about Paul McCartney. McCartney can be seen in photos, accepting the book.

As Paul celebrated his 70th birthday this year, English rocker, Paul Weller ( formerly of The Jam ) covered The Beatles song, ” Birthday “. Weller’s cover version was done for charity and appeared on both Apple iTunes and Amazon. Weller asked Georgina to use her work of Sir Paul, titled, ” The Fool “, to be used as the cover ( cover ) art. Quite a year for our lass and hopefully she will really get to work in 2013.