Good OL' Freda

Good OL’ Freda

From Rolling Stone Sept 11, 2013

When the Beatles were about to release their debut single, “Love Me Do,” at least one fan thought they were making a mistake. Freda Kelly was a 17-year-old working in a secretarial pool, spending her lunch hours at the Cavern Club, where the fast-rising Liverpool band was playing every day.

She’d been there the first time the band tried out another song, “P.S. I Love You.” “I just loved that straightaway,” says Kelly. The sentimental cha-cha was due to be the flip side of the single, but she felt it should be the A-side: “I was upset, whingeing and crying,” she tells Rolling Stone. “I wanted it the other way ’round.”

Already a regular at the Cavern Club – of the group’s 300 or so performances there, she thinks she saw nearly 200 – she implored the band to switch the songs, to no avail. Soon, however, she would gain a lot more influence over the musicians, when manager Brian Epstein asked her to become the Beatles’ secretary.

Freda Kelly stayed inside the Beatles’ innermost circle for 11 years, through their entire run together. After decades of keeping her stories to herself, she’s the somewhat reluctant subject of Good Ol’ Freda, a new documentary that’s as bubbly as the early days of the group’s arrival on the international stage.

Special Guest Freda Kelly will be at AROTR May 22-25. She will be hosting 4 screenings of her film, available for conversations, meet and greets and more.