British Classic Rock Tributes | Monday

British Classic Rock Tributes | Monday

Monday will be a star-studded all-day tribute to the great bands who followed the Beatles into immortality.

Performing the Music of Elton John; Madman Across The Water

Madmen Across The Water is a first rate band dedicated to the universally loved and respected music of Sir Elton John.Built around the solo act of Joe D’Amato, Madmen Across the Water was put together expressly for the 2012 Mother Lodge Festival in Louisville, Ky. They were so well received they were drafted to perform again at the festival’s closing event. Since then they have performed at venues including Elizabethtown, KY’s Street Festival, Headliners Music Hall, Mercury Ballroom, Jeffersonville, IN’s River Stage, Abbey Road On the River (along with other world class tribute bands), Horseshoe Casino, French Lick Resort, Caesars Palace Casino, multiple appearances on WHAS television and others too numerous to mention.

Madmen Across The Water also includes Butch Ellis, Rob Edwards and Larry Bourne. These guys go to extremes to recreate the exact album arrangements and at one time were (wrongly) suspected of singing along to studio recordings. They are that good.

Performing the Music of The Rolling Stones; Tattoo Babylon
Formed in the late summer of 2008, Tattoo Babylon has started up the Stones vibe, delighting audiences with an array of Stones classics that span forty plus years. Comprising of six regular members, Tattoo Babylon recreates all the flavors of the timeless music of the Rolling Stones, and attempts to give respects to all the decades of music that the Stones have created though the years.Tattoo Babylon does not try to BE the Stones, but instead attempts to create the aura and vibe that IS the music of the Rolling Stones.

Performing the Music of Led Zeppelin;  Just Strange Brothers
Members: Brian Batchelor-Glader, Charles Ferrara, Pete Hall, Rio, Phil Tipton, Aaron Jacobs, Max Gise, Mike Cobb, Christian Robles, Danny Manning, Alex Lusht

Each member of Just Strange Brothers brings a strong commitment to their craft and have years of practice and training under their belts by playing with other top musicians not only in the Cincinnati-area, but also at exclusive gigs and jamming out with other big-name musicians like Mike Gordon (Phish), Toto, Eddie and the Cruisers, Umphrey’s Mcgee, Tommy Tutone, and Bootsy Collins.

Performing the music of Queen; Classicstone
Popular Abbey Road On The River headliner reprises their unbelievable world class tribute to Freddie Mercury and Queen presenting a full array of Queen’s hits from Under Pressure (with The David Bowie Band) to Somebody To Love to the best Bohemian Rhapsody any of ever saw unless we saw Freddie live.

Performing the music of Pink Floyd; Classicstone

This tribute which memorably closed last year’s festival, stands out as one of the best sets we have ever seen. Theatrical, visual, and beautiful, it was a true art form; as good as the real thing.

Performing the music of David Bowie; Just Strange Brothers

Losing David Bowie this year has been difficult, but his music like the music of The Beatles is the music that pioneered so many other music forms from glam rock to folk rock to hard rock, even R&B and Jazz. Cincinnati”s Just Strange Brothers will close the festival with this rousing tribute concert sure to make us all want to Let’s Dance.