Nube 9 | Argentina

Nube 9 | Argentina


Nube 9 (‘Cloud 9’) was born out of the sheer motivation to honor the music likes of its band members. Thus, in October 2001, it made its debut during the First Latin American Beatles Week festival held in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In March 2004, after earning The Cavern Award for Best Original Tribute Band, Nube 9 hosted an incredible show which recreated the entire “White Album” by The Beatles. Thanks to the excellent response from the audience, the band kept peforming the whole Beatles’ discography, besides making special concerts about each Beatle’s solo career and special gigs about other bands from the 60s.

In August 2006, Nube 9 traveled to Liverpool for the first time, invited by Dave Jones, the organizer of The Beatles Week, where the band played ten shows in different stages and venues throughout the city, all linked to The Beatles career, such as The Cavern Club (the mythical stage where the Fab Four performed over 300 shows at the beginning of their career). After this emotional journey the band traveled to Madrid, Spain, to appear for the first time in an event of surprising magnitude. They returned in 2007, after appearing in Liverpool, in celebration of the 800th anniversary of that city, and 2009.

In March 2010, the band embarked on a tour to Russia, Belarus and Spain sharing the headline with Pete Best, the first drummer of The Beatles, where he was the headline of many “The Beatles” shows. In August 2010, Nube 9 returned to Liverpool, England, for the fourth time to appear in The Beatles Week, which has already become a major event. Their concert at the Anglican Cathedral, where Paul McCartney presented his Oratorio, attracted more than 10,000 persons. The European tour again included Russia and Spain, which lead Nube 9 to perform thirty shows in more than ten cities.

Back at home in Argentina, the band continues to perform on different stages all over the country. In addition, Fernando Blanco, the band’s bassist and vocalist, released three solo albums where he is joined by his fellow musicians from Nube 9: “Blanco Móvil” (2005), “Mares Lejanos” (2008) and “Días Movidos” (2012).

In May 2011, Nube 9 was visited by Brian Ray (Paul McCartney guitarist) who joined the band in some shows. After Nube’s European tour, Brian also joined the band to play in Panama, Brazil and again in Buenos Aires in October. Through this experience, Brian laid eyes on Lucrecia López Sanz (guitarist) and invited her to participate in the recordings of his solo project, The Bayonets, in California in August 2012.

During the Beatle Week 2011 in Liverpool, the band was entered into the Hall of Fame of the event, becoming the only Argentine band to have such award. And, in November, Nube 9 was chosen to be the opening act for RINGO STARR on his two performances in the Luna Park Stadium, Buenos Aires.

And there’s still a lot left to do!

Nube 9’s band members:

-Fernando Blanco: bass and vocals
-Lucrecia López Sanz: guitar and vocals
-Julián Carranza: guitar and vocals
-Juan Pablo Ezquerra: keyboards and vocals
-Nicolás Jara: Drums