The Shakers

The Shakers


You want beat? You got it! The Cavern Club’s resident Merseybeat group, The Shakers’ repertoire ranges from Hamburg rockers to the Cavern’s ‘beat boom’ hits and with their twice weekly residency, they have brought the original Mersey Sound back to where it once belonged.


Over the past eight years they have performed all over the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Successful appearances at Beatles festivals in Switzerland and Italy (including an appearance at Teatro Adriano in Rome where The Beatles also debuted in the city in 1965) headline club gigs in Belgium and Spain, two successful trips to Bahrain and barnstorming performances every year at Liverpool’s International Beatle Week, have solidified their reputation for the best in beat. They also have many 60s weekenders to their credit, a UK theatre show tour and have backed many 60s artists, such as Merseybeat songstress Beryl Marsden and, at the huge ‘Lennon Remembered’ gig at Liverpool’s Echo Arena, the late Hamburg legend, Tony Sheridan. Mach Schau indeed!


Now, with their first shows in the USA, you too can experience the birth of the British Invasion as it was in the beat clubs of the early 60s, as these Liverpool lads bring you real Liverpool beat direct from Mathew St!


So, ‘with the hi-fi high and the lights down low’, get ready to twist ‘n’ shout with The Shakers –“The best Merseybeat group out of Liverpool since the 60s!” –THE BEAT magazine.

Merseybeat…….just like it used to be.