Fab things to see and do at AROTR

5,000 things we know you will love at AROTR 2014.

1. The Beach Boys-seriously, it may not be the 1962 lineup, but this is the biggest fun, fun, fun happening ever for ATOTR.

2. Lovin’ John Sebastian because we all “do believe in magic”

3. Ambrosia and Laurence Juber are going to present a Beatles tribute that we know will be FAB

4. BritBeat, The Return, and The Jukebox will “team up” to bring you the first 100 Beatles songs in one giant concert

5. New bands from Colombia, Brazil, Holland, Germany joining AROTR superstar bands from Canada, England, Sweden, Italy, England, Scotland, and Norway.

6. A more efficient music schedule that will allow you to see an hear more concerts every day with more 100% Beatles concerts than ever before.

7. Hal Bruce will perform the top 100 songs the Beatles recorded 100-1, over 3 days

8. Jay Goeppner is getting back and teaming up with Nube 9 and The Cryers for John Lennon Tributes.

9. 250 concerts!!!

10. Well, it is the 50th… don’t expect us to tell you everything in one post, but we do estimate you will hear about 5,000 Beatles songs. Who’s counting?