The Ali Center

In February 1964, all within an insanely electric two-week period, Muhammad Ali shook up the world, and the Beatles began rocking the world. It was a magical coincidence that still impacts our world almost 50 years later. And the coincidence that brought our Beatles music Festival to Louisville, situated right next door to a The multicutural center dedicated to the lifetime principles of the great Muhammad Ali, was perfect…well, instant karma.. except for one thing. There was nothing connecting the two venues. But this year, finally, after more than a decade in the planning, a perfect walkway has been designed and erected that takes The Belvedere and the Muhammad Ali Center and connects them as one.  And so now we can truly celebrate the coming together of the two of the greatest sports, music and cultural icons of the last 50 years.

Now we can all Float Like a Butterfly and Sing like a Beatle.

We want all of you to tour this incredible facility throughout the weekend and to incentivize you to do that, we have added over 40 bands to the lineup at the Ali Center and its surrounding grounds: The John Lennon songwriting contest, several speakers, and a Midnight…Give Peace a Chance Congregational and Community sing-along , all which are sure to bring out the peaceful butterflys in all of us at the new John Lennon Songwriting Contest Stage on the beautiful two level amphitheater and plaza.

Additionally, while the concerts at the Ali Center are included in your ticket price and there is no extra charge to see them, there is an adult admission charge of $5 (normally $9) to tour the entire multicultural award-winning center.

There is so much to see and do at the Ali Center, including the new Hands-On, Feet In Global Shoes Exhibit,  that you will want to make sure you dedicate extra time to experience  during your weekend at Abbey Road On The River.

Now here’s the best part;  every time you visit the Center you are automatically entered into a drawing and the prizes are pretty incredible. Here are some of the prizes we have already lined up.

1. Gretsch Electromatic Guitar

2. A Georgina Flood Portrait

3. A piece of collectible art from The Ali Center

4. An Ultimate Ticket to Ride for two to the Cleveland Abbey Road on the River

5. An Ultimate Ticket to Ride for two to the 2014 Louisville Abbey Rd. on the river

6.  Beatles merchandise and more

All told the price packages will be valued at over $5,000,  and all you have to do is buy an admission ticket for five dollars to the Muhamad Ali Center while you are  also watching many of your favorite bands.

Click your AROTR event schedule link to keep up with all the fun at the Ali Center.

The Bands and Speakers shown below are all currently scheduled to appear at one of the 4 Ali Center stages.