The event will take place in the Galt House Hotel / Ballroom C. Ballroom C in the East side of the hotel-the side they call the Suites Tower. To find it, from the Main lobby go the 2nd floor and walk in the only direction you can walk-South. When you get past the registration desk, just before the UPS store, take a left. Follow that hallway to the music. You can also access the building and this hallway from the office tower entrance on Main St. across the street from Actor’s Theatre. Enter, go up the stairs, turn right and take escalator to Ballroom C.

The first rule of Abbey Road On The River: Do not worry about anything because we will solve all of your problems  and answer all of your questions and make you happy when you show up.  We mean it!

For media inquiries regarding Abbey Road on the River, please email:

For questions regarding Abbey Road on the River, please email:

At this time we are NOT accepting any bands for May 2014, and have limited space for a few NON FOOD vendors