Stages A, B, C, D are all outdoors at Big 4 Station Park, Jeffersonville, In 47130 bordered by Maple Street on the north, Pearl Street on the east, Market Street on the south, and Mulberry on the west. Stages A and C are live all 5 days, Thursday-Monday. Stages B and D are live Friday-Sunday.

Stage A is reserved and general admission. Stages B, C, and D are general admission. Each are on large expanses of park like grass and blankets and small lawn chairs are permissable. There is some shade at all 4 stages.

300 Spring is one block east of the Pearl Street box office. It is an indoor venue for reserved ticket holders only. If space allows, general admission ticket holders will be admitted once the reserved ticket holders have been seated for each performance. 300 Spring is live Friday-Sunday.

Rachel’s Strawberry Field is an outdoor green garden at the corner of Chestnut and Spring, 1 block east of the Pearl Street box office and catercorner to 300 Spring. It is general admission and live Friday-Sunday.

The Sheraton Hotel Ballroom is on Market Street 3/10 of mile from the corner of Market Street and Mulberry Street. Trolleys will be running to and from noon -midnight each day and between The Sheraton and The Clarion from 10am -2am. There are speaker presentations Friday-Sunday.

The Clarion Hotel is at 505 Marriott Dr., Clarksville, IN, 47129, 1 mile from the Big 4 Station Park. It is a very easy drive that can be completed in less than 5 minutes. There will be 5 buses on a non-stop 11am-2am route between the hotel (NE side of the parking lot), and the drop-off at the corner of Mulberry and Maple where there is a gate leading directly into the festival for wristband holders. There are two ballrooms across from each other on the lower level of the hotel. The large ballroom is for reserved ticket holders only and is where both Peter Asher concerts, Saturday and Sunday,  and the 4 Midnight Concerts will be. The junior ballroom is for guest speakers and general admission ticket holders are welcome.