Presented Sunday, May 28, Love is the best representation of the Beatles remarkable catalog and Love done live at Abbey Road On The River is the best representation of the great music presented buy our talented musicians throughout our 5 day music festival 

This ensemble featuring All You Need Is Love, The Newbees, BritBeat, Kevin Ashba, Anna Blanton, and 10 other amazing musicians meets once a year to perform this intricate concert. They have one 3 hour sound check the day of show and this is the result.

Presented Monday, May 29, some say this is the very best Pink Floyd tribute concert in the world. We have presented it now 4 times as the final concert of the festival and we like the almost spiritual way it closes out a full weekend celebrating The Beatles. Have a look. It’s pretty good.

The Jukebox with Mark Beyer and special guests The Kaleidoscope I’s performing hits from Sgt. Pepper and more