Be sure to take part in the many Fab Fan Fun activities at Abbey Road on the River.


Yellow Submorons & Submaniacs’ Parade, Daisy Room, Saturday, May 25, 11:00pm

How many morons does it take to decorate a party / parade hat? What’s the world record for the most hats in a single parade? How many hats will be parading at AROTR?

The Yellow SubMorons and SubManiacs are coming.
Louisville, are you prepared to parade on Saturday, May 25?
Last year we wore hats and even the jockeys joined in.
What new excitement is in store for 2013?
Stay tuned….

Join in with all of your favorite morons and maniacs and maybe carry a giant octopus in Saturday eve’s 4th annual parade.

The Yellow SubMorons take the stage at 9:45pm for their annual Rutles tea party which serves as the official pre-parade party. Come early and get in the festive mood as we prepare for the 11pm parade departure.

Come Together & Give Peace A Chance Moonlit Singalong, Ali Center: Friday, May 24, 11:30pm

All we are saying is “give peace a chance” so please join us on The Main Plaza at the Muhammad Ali Center as we honor the peaceful lives of both John Lennon and Muhammad Ali in song and speech.

Give Peace a Chance Congregational and Community sing-along, sure to bring out the peaceful butterflies in all of us at the new John Lennon Songwriting Contest Stage located on the beautiful two level amphitheater and plaza.

You won’t want to miss this beautiful tribute.

Imagine Peace Songwriting Contest, Sat/Sun 1pm, Ali Center, Leroy Nieman Gallery

Is John your hero like he is ours? Do you think you can write a song using peace as the theme? Would you like to perform at the Muhammad Ali Center, and if you’re good enough to make it through to the final round, perform before thousands at Abbey Road on the River and win fans along with some great prizes?

It’s easy to enter; watch the video below or just email an audition video to and if we like it we will send you an application form.


5th Beatle Fantasy Audition, Saturday, Ali Center, JLSC stage, Noon

Have you always wanted to be in a Beatle Tribute band? To perform on stage at Abbey Road on The River? This is your chance. You still have time to send your video, audio, or very convincing letter of interest to for your chance to be the Fifth Beatle.

Selected participants will have a chance to prepare, rehearse, and perform one song as a member of Meet The Beetles. Sullivan jacket will be provided so you will truly be a member of the band for your song.

A very special thanks to our 5th Beatle Fantasy Audition Sponsors!

YOU can be one of them!

The Yellow Submarine Album Experience-Sunday, Archibald,  Noon

The Blue Meanies are set to invade Abbey Road on the River this Memorial Day weekend in Louisville.

Can the forces save the festival from being O-BLUE-terated? Help them save the day at the Yellow SubMarine Album Experience on Sunday, May 26!

Meanies, are you ready for the invasion?
Beatles and Pepper people, are you ready to defeat them with LOVE?

Dress up as your favorite Beatle or character from the movie. If this thing grows like we know it can, it will become a cult classic and someday we’ll have 50 Blue Meanies, 30 Bulldogs, 9 Apple Bonkers and a bunch of Nowhere men running around the joint.

When I’m 64

Will you still need me, “will you still feed me when I’m 64?”

If you are 64 years old during Abbey Road on the River then you are eligible to sign up for some great birthday presents including a Gretsch Guitar, an Ultimate  Ticket to Tide for Cleveland Abbey Road on the River, and more. Just remember to bring your ID and sign-ups are free.

Gretsch Guitar Lessons with Hal Bruce

Have you ever admired how talented of a guitar player Hal Bruce is?  Have you ever wished you could play a few of those magical chords that he makes  seem so effortless?  Stop by the Gretsch Guitar booth throughout the festival because when Hal is not performing, he will be teaching you  some tricks on the guitar that you will remember forever.

Peter-Mania Ultimate Backstage Picnic

How would you like to meet Peter Noone  and Peter Asher and other bands and performers from Abbey Road on the river? Come to our first ever VIP backstage picnic Sunday at 5 PM just before Peter Noone and Herman’s Hermits make their Abbey Road on the River debut on the main lawn at 7 PM.

Meet Tony Bramwell

Tony Bramwell grew up in Liverpool with Beatles George, Paul, and John. His life became intertwined with The Beatles, first working for Brian Epstein at N.E.M.S. and then for The Beatles at Apple, heading Apple Films, then later as the CEO of Apple Records. Tony will be speaking two or three times throughout the weekend,  but even more fun he will be walking around as a fan and as a firsthand witness to history.  I know I have some questions for him, do you?

Global Shoes at The Ali Center

The exhibit is intended to encourage children and their families to explore global cultures within the context of a fantasy shoe store and factory. It incorporates cultural artifacts, multimedia and a variety of “hands-on, feet-in” activities pertaining to the shoes worn by people around the world.  Who knows we just might see some shoes that were worn or belonged some of the bands who perform at Abbey Road on the River.

The Ali Center also is partnering with Louisville-based WaterStep in sponsoring a shoe drive to help the organization fund drinking-water projects around the globe.

The Midnight Concerts

           •Tribute to The Cavern

Experience what the Cavern Club must must have felt like (and still feels like) when to all of our new bands from Liverpool the RockIts and the Shakers rock the roof Friday night at midnight in the Archibald theater.

          •Bandstand Dance Party

You’re going to have so much fun Friday night at the Cavern tribute that you won’t believe it’s possible to have even more fun (but it is) at the big Saturday night tribute to American Bandstand. The dance party will be hosted by Union Jack British Invasion Band and they have lots of Abbey Road on the River regulars lined up to keep you dancing long into the night (morning).

           •The Sunday Midnight Jam

Join all the bands for one of the most popular parties of the festival as we begin to wind down and  say goodbye to each other, but not until we have danced until 3 AM with all of our favorite friends and bands.