The Love Album presented by Louisville Magazine

See the Love Album, Saturday, May 25 at 9:30p

Val Smith
Describing the LOVE SHOW at AROTR would be like taking a shower without soap! You wont feel the benefit, ‘Because’ seeing is believing! Watching the stellar musicians produce in its entirety a rock opera that has you seeing a color in each of their notes! It is a jaw dropping presentation that stimulates the senses and leaves you spellbound! Yeah, yeah, yeah, All you need is, to experience ‘LOVE’, …!!!

Katie Cochran
I love watching the performers interacting with each other onstage. The way they watch each other closely during and smile at the end of “Because”. The love these musicians have for each other, and for playing music, shines out of them. With some very creative, and I am sure very hectic, rehearsals, it is amazing how seamless the whole show is. It is a musical feat to be sure…but without the love that is so clearly evident on Andy’s, Misty’s, Chris’s, David’s (etc.etc.) faces, LOVE would not be possible, or at least not as magical.

Lola Marlee Harrison
Love, Love, Love is felt at the Love concert. From the first note to the last the crowd is brought on a journey, a mesmerizing, sensational trip back in time. Anticipation and wonder on that journey as the musicians skillfully lead us on a magical mystery tour! And I would love to be your Valentine!

Patty Murdock
I love the fact that there are so many talented musicians from different bands recreating some great music.

Tom Farnell
Best part of Love is ALWAYS the dueling guitar solos in While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

Mike Faunce
Quite simple, all the Musicians Re-Create the Album to the exact Way it was recorded…!!!! A task that is Very Amazing…!!!!

Judi Tracy Schneider
I love that each time i have seen it (twice in Louisville and at the Louisville preview show Terri years ago), the opening notes of Because sent a shiver down my spine!

Shelby Eagan
I love that I don’t have to fly to Vegas to see “Love.” I can watch the best musicians in the world play it live.

Kevin Miner
The LOVE Concert at AROTR is more than just a concert; it is a gathering of talented musicians who are here because of their enthusiasm for the music – interacting with each other and presenting to you the songs of the Beatles from the LOVE soundtrack in a unique way – LIVE. From “Because” to “All You Need Is Love” – it is a continuous sonic delight that will leave you wanting more.

Karen Sheridan
Though this is probably not what you are looking for, I wanted to say that I marvel at what it took/takes to bring different bands from different places, all wonderful in their own right, to one stage to perform together and make it appear as though they do it all the time and have been doing it for years. The LOVE show could stand alone, but instead is a gift that enhances the Abbey Road Experience.

Winona Patterson
I love my reaction of “Wow, how did they do that?” when I listen to the album – and then to hear it recreated perfectly LIVE is simply amazing. Plus, I get the added bonus of seeing many of my favorite AROTR performers together all at once (a time saver!).

Harold Burch
The Love Show alone is worth the price of admission.

Nita Bodiford Sissell
I LOVE that this will be my first experience of LOVE and it sounds like I will be forever changed. I LOVE that my husband and I are blessed enough to be able to spend several days getting there by traveling the backroads of America to spend several days with y’all at huge Beatles LOVEfest. I LOVE that Leon Russell turned me on to all of y’all and now not only do we have a huge Leon family, we will have a huge Beatles family. Does it get any better than that?

Mike Trower
L is for the way we LOVE The Beatles! O is for the way we wish AROTR could ONLY last forever! V is for the way Jake makes this festival so VERY, VERY extraordinary! And E is for the way we count down EVERY day that drags oh so slow until the end of May!
We LOVE the LOVE concert.
and We LOVE Abbey Road On The River!!

Jill Finan
I LOVE the way that all the artists who are so stellar in their own right, as solo acts or with great bands, come together to create something so STUNNING. The combination of voices, instruments, and sheer stage presence is something not to be missed. I remember seeing it for the first time in Louisville with tears in my eyes. What a performance!

Brenda Etzweiler Kantner
I LOVE the fact that each of the musicians bring their own personality into each and every note. After a number of years of going to AROTR you get to know what the musicians are about, and you know they are doing it “for the LOVE of the game”… to speak. It’s a team approach. Each compliments the other.

Peggy Noe Wulf
I love that families can enjoy the event together. From the very young, to the very old.

Cissy King
As the sun goes down, the whole mood changes. The crowd starts coming in. The instruments start tuning up. There is electricity in the air. Everyone is is happy and waiting; waiting for the magic. There is Misty, with feathers in her hair, and Jeff and all the other talented, creative Newbees. Andy and his band of LOVE, checking to make sure every sound is sheer perfection. And the BritBeats, with so much energy and incredible likenesses to “the great ones”! The music starts and it is almost too much. The sounds vibrate the earth and the heart. We are all victims of our past youth…..dancing, singing, laughing….. sweating. The stars are shining down and life is good again. It is love….

Ben Cheseldine
The total immersion into the music would be more than enough to fill anyone’s senses for years but the concert of such complex arrangements live is more than can be described. The musicians performing flawlessly on cue is more than could be expressed accurately by me. I love LOVE because it fills my head beautifully

Heather Rayhill
In the interest of “Love” and Valentines…The Love concert at AROTR Louisville has a very special place in my heart “Because” it is there that I met the “Love” of my life. You have to agree…there is “Something” pretty special about that.

Melanie Roesser
The Love show at AROTR shows the best of what this festival can offer. It is a canvas that has been crafted with strong threads of Britbeat and Andy from All You Need Is Love. Not to miss mentioning the Newbees and our own orchestra from Louisville