Performer FAQ's

Last updated: April 25, 2019

Q. How do I get to the event site?

Abbey Road on the River is being held at the Big Four Station located at 210 Market Street 47130.

Radisson Hotel Address:

505 Marriott Dr

Clarksville, IN 47129

Phone: (812) 283-4411

Q. Check – In:

Band registration and check in begins Thursday at 11am-3pm, located inside the Raddison Hotel, near the main lobby in the Churchill Room. After this initial band check in time, credentials and band packets will be available at the box office on Market Street.

Upon registration you will get a band packet containing everything you need for your stay at AROTR to include: rental instruments, food tickets, credentials, guest passes, and a map of the site/program.

We urge all bands to register and pick up their band packets on Thursday, even if your band is local and doesn’t play till a later date at the festival. Any international bands that are arriving earlier than the scheduled Thursday registration can email Derrick for early check in/instrument pickup.

Q. Where do I park, how do I unload?

The streets are closed to the public, but can be accessed by bands needing to unload gear with approval only.

The Main, B, C, and D stages can be accessed via these closed streets for unloading ONLY. Once you are unloaded, or if you are only carrying small items, all local or drive in performers cars should be parked in the Colston lot west of the main stage entrance on Maple street.

You will need a parking pass, it needs to be ordered at least a week BEFORE the festival through Derrick. Most of you will be using the provided back line, if you are bringing your own gear, let Derrick know ASAP.

Q. How many guest passes will I get? Where do I get them?

Band passes are laminates, for band members ONLY! We will give you all of your guest wristbands, (they are general admission passes) upon check in, to be included in your band packets.

Q. Will there be food?

There is a band only commissary open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, located behind the main stage in a 20x30 tent with food provided by local restaurant Buckheads. You only can eat in this band commissary the days you are also performing.

As there are more than 150 of you plus some staff, we are not serving unlimited meals, meals will only be offered 4-8pm Thursday and 2-9pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Please note that guests and family will NOT be admitted to the commissary – but there are many alternate food choices to be purchased in and around the festival site.

Q. How do I advance my tech requirements?

This year has came quick, and we should have most of your stuff ready to go but if you think we forgot something let Derrick know. If you are bringing a helper/stagehand or specialized gear, please let us know.

Q. Who will help me at the stage?

Stages A, B, C, D have stage managers and 1-2 techs who will help you get organized and set up. Stages E and F only have techs.

The techs and SM of each stage are there to help, but we stress to every band to be on time and prepared to assist with changeovers. We offer a full back line and should have everything you need already close to setup. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it, that’s why they are there. Also please be courteous as they are pulling long hours to make you sound and look great. If you have any issues, please let Derrick or his staff know.

Q. How do I get my gear to and from the stage?

There will be shuttles going back and forth from the site and the hotels all through the festival. AROTR buses will run 1pm-1am Thursday & Friday, and 11am-1am Saturday & Sunday, and 11am-11pm Monday. Please make sure to plan for plenty of time to get back and forth to be at your stage at least 10 min EARLY (ON TIME IS LATE). It is at least a 10 minute drive one way from any of the partner hotels and will probably be longer if there are customers on board.

Once on site everything is a short walk, and most bands carry their guitars to and from the stage, if you have special request for equipment to be moved to and from somewhere, please let Derrick know.

There is on site gear storage that will be available should you need it, located behind the main stage in a 15x15 tent. This is a check in and out service and will be managed by Derrick and staff.

Q. How long between each set will our band have to set up?

Set times this year vary depending on the stage, our changeover times range from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Please consider that the longer it takes you to set up, the more time cut into your set, as we will do our best to keep to the scheduled ending times on all stages no matter what delays might happen Our staff and stage managers will help in any way to assist, but the best course of action is to please be to your stage early and stay patient. If you have special needs or expect needing more time please contact Derrick.

Q. What happens if it rains?

When rain occurs at AROTR tough choices have to be made during inclement weather; Decisions like these are never made lightly, and are not to be taken personally.

Individual shows can be shortened too... You are all prepared with a 50 min. set and the stage manager tells you it's 25 min. and that’s the way it is. These things do not happen often, but they can and we want you to understand we know how badly you want to perform your full show. We will do our best to keep everything on time for all bands.

Any further band questions, please contact Derrick Pedolzky:

Or you can facebook message me

or you can call/text me at 502-558-2990

We’re here to help and do everything we can to make your performances great for you and for the customers who enjoy the festival. Please let us know if you have any needs or concerns.

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