Banda AL9


Banda AL9, two brothers from Brazil, Matheus Khouri, 21, singer and guitar player and Thiago Khouri, 19, singer and bass player. On live shows, a drummer plays with them.

Matheus and Thiago are Beatles, 60's and 50's songs fans. They started recording acoustic videos for internet, reaching more than 500 thousand views on Facebook.

The boys are songwriters too. In 2018, they released three own songs. Those songs were praised by Geoff Emerick, ex-Beatles sound engineer, reached over 1 million views (Youtube and Facebook), over 40,000 streams on Spotify, and a lot of Beatles fan clubs are talking about Banda AL9 on Instagram.

On live shows, Banda AL9 plays a lot of Beatles songs too, and they play with the original Beatles instruments. Matheus plays with a Rickenbacker 325 and Thiago plays with an original Hofner bass from 1967.

In 2018 too, they were invited to play and participate on a TV program in Brazil. There, they played Beatles songs and their own songs, was an amazing experience for the boys.

In 2019, AL9 released an Album, with 7 own songs and the album is being played on a lot of Radios around the world (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Spain, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Chile and others) and they played at Abbey Road On The River, in Jeffersonville, IN – USA, a festival where the world ́s Rock And Roll bands go, and play that kind of Rock And Roll, The Beach Boys have played there before.

In 2019 too, they were invited to play at one of the biggest Rock And Roll festival in Brazil, S. Bárbara Rock Fest, a lot of famous Brazillians bands will be there, like Frejat, Plebe Rude, Camisa de Vênus and others.