Blue Beetles


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The BlueBeetles band have been playing together since 2008 when Marcus Romariz joined Mario Vitor’s band to play at Marcus’ Birthday. This first collaboration was so well received that they decided to go ahead and form a band.

Since then, their friendship has been the driving force, so that on stage, capturing that magic, they turn their performances into a real party.

Felipe Coe (Drums) joined the band in 2010, for their first appearance in Liverpool’s International Beatleweek, in which they have been playing since then (except for 2014).

In 2013, Danilo Fiani (Gretsch Guitars® Endorsed Artist) assumed the lead guitar role and The BlueBeetles began a new era, a new way of playing, which has continued through till today…

The band was invited to Abbey Road on the River for the first time in 2017, and they are very proud to be back.


The BlueBeetles are:

Mario Vitor (Hofner bass, keyboard and Vocals)
Danilo Fiani (Gretsch Lead Guitar and Vocals)
Marcus Romariz (Rickenbaker Rythm Guitar and Vocals)
Felipe Coe (Drums and Vocals)


Check out the BlueBeetles facebook page for the special sets they are preparing for Abbey Road on the River. Amongst them, there will be sets dedicated to Paul McCartney and George Harrison, and they will also be one of the bands in the “Top 100 Beatles Songs” project (according to SiriusXM radio listeners), playing two of its sets (first and third).

They play with as much energy as you are likely to see and are really looking forward to getting back to the United States, where they made lots of friends in this beautiful “Beatle” world!!!

Their motto, as always, is, ‘A Beatle way of living!’