We and the City of Jeffersonville safety forces place your security first and foremost. We secure all the perimeter streets around the venue, fence the outdoor site so no un-authorized vehicles can enter it, check every bag and all attendees when they enter, enforce a no weapon and no carry policy, and train our staff how to quickly contact trained safety and emergency response personnel.

The second rule of Abbey Road On The River: Have fun, leave the planning to us.  We will solve your problems and answer all of your questions and make you happy when you show-up. We mean it!

For questions you have about Abbey Road on the River not listed below, please email us at AROTR18@gmail.com.



Q. Where Is Everything?

A.  Abbey Road on the River is primarily staged at the Big 4 Station Park, located at 227 Pearl Street at Chestnut and Pearl Streets, Jeffersonville, IN 47130 (Louisville North) at the foot of the Big 4 Pedestrian Bridge that connects the Louisville and Jeffersonville waterfronts.

Additionally, we present shows at 300 Spring Street and The Radisson Hotel Grand Ballroom.

We are very excited for year two at our new home. Not only is it a beautiful backdrop to enjoy and celebrate the music of The Beatles, but it offers several eating and shopping options within walking distance.

See map and more here.


Q.  Where Can I Get Tickets?

A.  We have plenty of options for ticket purchasing this year:

  1. Online
  2. In Person in advance
  3. Walk-Up Tickets available until sold-out at our on-site box office location during the event

Event box office hours:

  • Thursday, May 24: 12pm-10pm
  • Friday thru Sunday, May 25-27: 11am-10pm
  • Monday, May 28: 11am-8pm

On-site Phone Number: 812-914-1685


Q. How much are tickets?

A. Walk up tickets available until sold out.

Thursday: $20


  • Before 3pm: $20 General Admission
  • After 3pm: $35 General Admission, includes $10 food and beverage tickets
  • Reserved Tickets: $80

Monday: $20

Kids prices:

  • Ages 9 and under FREE

  • Ages 10-21: $10 

Sorry, no refunds.



A. General Admission tickets include access to:

  • All outdoor stages all day
  • 300 Spring after 8PM. 

Reserved tickets include access to

  • all outdoor stages all day
  • 300 Spring shows
  • midnight concerts at The Radisson
  • reserved seating areas at Stages A, C, and D


Q. Can I Leave and Come Back During the Event?

A. Yes, the daily wristband is the only access you need to get in and out of the festival. 5-Day Ultimate Ticket to Ride get one wristband for the weekend. Wristbands and colors change every day for day Single-Day Reserved, GA, and walk up. Everyone will pass through security each time they re-enter the festival site.



A. If you purchased your tickets through our office or website your order is in our file.


Q. Will There Be a Shuttle Service Between the Radisson, Sheraton and the Festival Site?

A. Yes! There will be buses running from 11:30am-2am. The service is free. Shuttles pick up across the street from the Maple Street Box Office. 

Buses will be marked:

  • Express (Radisson to site) or 
  • Local (Radisson to Sheraton to site)

Trolleys only go between the Sheraton and the site, EXCEPT Saturday morning when the trolley will take people between the Sheraton and the Radisson to see Geoff Emerick.

There might be a lot of people trying to get on the shuttle to go to the Radisson after the shows at the site. If you are concerned about getting to the Late Night Shows (Thurs @ 11:30pm/Fri @ 11:45pm/Sat @ 11:55pm/Sun @ 11:55pm) at the Radisson, hop on a bus about 30 minutes beforehand to make it in time. 



Q. Is the Park Accessible?

A. While the venues are 100% accessible, it is a large site and can be difficult at times to get everywhere as easily or quickly as you may hope. Please let us know if you have any questions or require assistance. We want to make sure everyone is accommodated.




A. Lawn chairs can only be used in designated grassy areas. No chairs on concrete. You must place your chair no more than 12 inches from your neighbor's chair(s).



A. We do our best to dodge raindrops and have schedule contingencies.

You will be warned if we are expecting high winds, thunder, lightning, or heavy rain. You will be advised if you should seek immediate shelter or in extreme cases, ordered to evacuate.

Check our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information.


Q. Where Do I Park and How Much Does it Cost?

A. We have parking at the corner of Mulberry and Maple and Mulberry and Court Ave and more to choose from here. Buy a parking pass for $30.

Directions on how to get to designated parking areas.

Please note: all streets surrounding the park are closed: Maple, Mulberry, Pearl and Market St.


Q. Is There Security on Site? 

A.  Yes, there is 24-hour security. Everyone will be scanned by hand held metal detectors each time they enter the festival grounds and event security will be also be stationed at 300 Spring and the Radisson ballroom.


Q. Where can i use BEATLE BUCKS?

A. You can use Beatle Bucks at any of our bars, official merchandise booth, all food vendors, and our box offices. Several vendors on Penny Lane will be accepting Beatle Bucks as well. Looks for a sign designating that they accept it.


Q. Are There ID Requirements or Age Limits to Enter the Event?

A. No one under age 17 will be admitted without an adult over age 21.


Q. Are Pets Allowed?

A. Service Dogs only


Q. May I Bring Water?

A. Yes, one (1) 20 oz. sealed bottle per ticketed person. You may bring in an empty re-useable water bottle. There are water refill stations available. 


Q. Are Strollers Allowed?

A. Yes, if it is for an infant/toddler.


Q. Will There Be a Lost & Found? (lost keys, cell phones, etc.)

A. Yes, there will be a Lost & Found booth at Main Box office on Pearl Street.


Q. Will There be First Aid on Site?

A. There will be a First Aid Station at the back of the Main Lawn in front of the permanent bathrooms.


Q. Will There be a Festival Map Available Ahead of Time?

A. Yes, click here. It will also be on the festival program. 



A. Not a lot. Bring sunscreen and wear a hat. If you need to use an umbrella, see the rules below.



A. If you need an umbrella for shade, we request that you move behind people so you don’t block their view.


Q. Is My Registration/Ticket Transferable?

A. Yes


Q. May I Update My Registration Info?

A. Yes


Q. Do I Have to Bring My Printed Ticket to the Event?

A. No, but we hope you do. It really helps.


Q. What if the Name of the Attendee Doesn't Match the Registration/Ticket Info?

A. Remember rule #1? Don't worry, we will work it out!


Q. What's the Refund Policy.

A. There are no refunds.


Q. Are There Bike Racks on Site?

A. Yes



A. Across Market Street, behind Stage D.



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do's and dont's

  1. Don't worry!
  2. No coolers, picnic baskets, camelbacks will be allowed. Outside food will be only allowed for children,( i.e. what they need-fruit, snacks, milk), and adults with dietary restrictions can carry small amounts in a purse or medium sized backpack. Fans can bring in one (1) bottle of sealed water not to exceed 20 oz. each.
  3. There is no smoking at Big 4 Station Park.
  4. Drink tickets and proper ID are required for alcoholic beverages. ID’s will be checked regardless of age for alcoholic beverages. These tickets may be purchased at designated ticket booths. Cash or credit card is accepted at ticket booths. We offer beer, but also offer wine, bourbon and a great variety of spirits for sale at the venue. See our bars for specifics.
  5. The guest information and ticket check-in is at the 3 outdoor box offices on Maple, Pearl and Mulberry. This area is open all hours of the festival.



Details, Details, Details...

Q. I purchased my ticket months (weeks) (days) ago and still don't have it. Where is it?

All of our ticketing is electronic thru Universe and you should have received the electronic ticket as soon as you made the purchase. If you do not have a confirming email drop us a note and we will fix it up.


Q. I purchased my ticket during Abbey Road on the River 2017 and still have not received it. What do I do?

If you cannot find yours contact us and we will resend it.


Q. What if I cannot print or lose my ticket?

Don't worry! We have a record of every ticket purchase and can easily track your order at the box office when you arrive.


Q. When and how do I receive my wristband?

There are two ways; bring the ticket that you purchased through our website and we will scan it and exchange it for a wristband, or purchase one each day at the box office.


Q. Who are the folding chairs in front of the Lawn stage for?

They are reserved for AROTR patrons who purchased Reserved tickets or Ultimate Tickets to Ride.


Q. Are the wristbands transferable? Example, if I can't stay up for a late night show, can my teen use it?

No, we cannot transfer wristbands or any other credential.


Q. What happens if I lose my pass?

If you purchased your tickets through our office or website your order is in our file.


Q. What happens if I lose or break my festival wristband?

Just bring the broken wristband to the Box Office for a replacement.


Fun Stuff You Should Know

Q. How hot will it get in the day and how cold will it get at night? Will it rain?

While we all hope for the best, watch the forecast, and pack accordingly. A jacket, sweater, hat, flip-flops, couldn’t hurt. Bring sunscreen and ear plugs for kids.


Q. Can I bring my guitar, banjo, ukulele, cowbell, timpani, etc. to the late night sing along?

Yes, just don’t bring them all.


Q. Can I hang out with the bands? I like bands

And the Abbey Road on the River Bands like the fans -- bring them cookies and we know they will hang out with you.


Lastly, we love you. We want you to have a great time, take lots of pictures and make some wonderful memories. We're looking forward to this event and we can't wait to see you there!

For other questions regarding Abbey Road on the River, please email: AROTR18@GMAIL.COM

For Media questions regarding Abbey Road on the River, please email: Ali@m2maxmedia.com