Gleison Tulio


Pedro Leopoldo, Brazil

Gleison Tulio is a Brazilian singer, composer, musical producer and artist who play with authenticity electro-acoustic and percussive reinterpretations of the best rock music with themain denomination “one man band”.

In 2009 he performed at the Beatleweek Festival (Liverpool in England) as one of thehighlights of the event and later performing in Denmark, Portugal and Italy (alongside DJ RickMarilli).

In 2010 he returned to the Beatleweek Festival in Liverpool performing at Phillarmonic Halland other main stages of the festival.

In 2012 he performed again at the Beatleweek Festival being the second Brazilian honoredin the history of the Cavern Club with the “Hall of Fame” award along with the first honored guitarist Andreas Kisser of the band Sepultura.

In addition to his solo work he plays alongside the talented musician and partner Keilla Jovi, with whom he performed in January 2013 at the Tampere Beatles Happening in Finland in November of the same year at the Beatles Weekend in Ouistreham, France and in August 2014 at the Beatleweek Liverpool festival again. In 2014, he released the album “Volume One Man Band”, released by the label Acústica / Sony Music Brasil. In 2015, after another performance at Finnish Beatleweek, he also released the album “Bregarock Technopop” where he performed all the instruments, production, mixing and mastering of the album. In 2016, next to Keilla Jovi, his partner, he performed again in the English Beatleweek and later in the Storyville Jazz Club (one of the most renowned jazz houses in Europe).