Double Smash Burgers

The OG Smash - American, grilled onion, mustard, dill pickle

The Jakeburger - a bunless double smash burger with American and grilled onion, served over crispy romaine lettuce


Spiral-Cut all-beef dogs

The Classic Dog - mustard, onion, relish

Chicago Style - the Classic plus tomato, sport pepper, pickle spear, celery salt

Coney Style - beef sauce, mustard, chopped onion


Crispy Jumbo Wings

Snack - 10 oz

Meal - 16 oz

Classic buffalo, bourbon bbq, Sweet Chile

Served with ranch or bleu & celery

Hand-Cut “double-dipped” fries

Two sizes, served in paper cups

ADD: siriacha ketchup, garlic aioli, ranch dip


Fire-Roasted Corn on the Cob

Mexican Elotes

Spicy cajun

Basil and lime salt

Classic butter & salt

Salad & fruit

Strawberry Fields Salad - spring mix/romaine, strawberry, almond, berry vinaigrette

Fresh Watermelon Wedge