Variations on HEY JUDE

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Presented by Jecorey "1200" Arthur

"Hey Jude is by far one of The Beatles’ most recognizable songs. It has lived well beyond their years and will continue to be an essential piece of art for our world in centuries to come. The Beatles represented much more than their musical genre; they represented the human race. This 50th anniversary performance is going to celebrate and showcase how transcendent Hey Jude is through a multi-cultural experience."



VARIATIONS ON HEY JUDE is an extended version of Hey Jude by The Beatles that explores renditions in various musical styles including country, salsa, hip hop, electronic dance music, and more. The show features local musicians, dancers, actors, and a cast that spans from professional touring artists to elementary aged students. VARIATIONS ON HEY JUDE was arranged and produced by Louisville educator and musician Jecorey “1200” Arthur.


 Jecorey "1200" Arthur

Jecorey "1200" Arthur