J.R. McNeely

jr mcneely.jpeg

Nashville, TN

J.R. McNeely is a multi-instrumentalist hailing from Nashville Tennessee. Since 2011, he has appeared at AROTR as the Bass player with his former band, ”SixtyFour”.

2016 finds him flying Solo at AROTR, and lending a hand (or a Bass…or a Guitar) in many of the awesome production shows happening this year, (The Best of The Wrecking Crew, The Wilbury’s Connection etc.) as well as backing up some of your favorite AROTR Solo artists! (Hal Bruce, The LSB Experience, Janne Borgh, Jay Goepner, etc.) He also digs a good cup of black coffee, a fine cigar, and is mercilessly addicted to Kettle Chips.

Fun Fact: J.R. is also a Grammy Award winning Mixer / Recording Engineer, with many Gold and Platinum albums to his credit as well! Since 1991 he has Recorded and or Mixed music around the world for some very famous people, some not so famous people, and a few people he wishes he could somehow wipe away from his memory! (Buy him a beer at The Marriott, and he just might name a few names!) HA!

Click the video below to hear some of J.R’s “One Man Band” Classic Rock covers!