Kevin Ashba


Columbus, OH

Kevin is a Columbus, Ohio-based keyboard player and vocalist with a special interest in the Beatles. “I played my first gig, essentially, in preparation to play this festival. Not a lot of people get to play The Hard Rock Cafe and then a music festival as their first consecutive solo gigs!”

In 2007, Kevin accepted an invitation by Peter Conrad, frontman of the fest veterans, The Traveling Beatleburys, to join the group on keyboards. He has also been a part of several major AROTR productions, festival “supergroups”, and a solo show where he presents and blends the music of two of every Beatles fans’ favorites: Elton John-Lennon.

Kevin ‘plays tribute’ to the Fab Four at venues across the country, and has even had the honor of playing the Cavern Club in Liverpool.

“Abbey Road on the River, for me, isn’t just one of the most amazing gigs I get to play all year. It is a working-vacation to reconnect with friends and band mates from all over the world. My wife and parents look forward to it each year nearly as much as I do!”