Nube 9



We are very excited to announce that Argentina's Nube 9 will return to Abbey Road On The River this May after a three year "sabbatical".

Longtime fans will remember some of their amazing feature concerts teaming up with Gavin Pring and Graham Alexander with a stunning tribute to George and Paul and as well with Jay Goeppner's tribute to John.

Of course, they led our South American "invasion", first coming to AROTR in 2012 that introduced us to the talent of so many others now from Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina.

Special thanks to a few friends who worked hard the last few months to make this possible.


Nube 9 was born by the main motivation to pay homage to the music that its members like. In October 2001, the band made their debut in the "First week Latin American Beatle" festival held in Buenos Aires.

In March 2004, Nube 9 created a show recreating the "White Album" in its entirety, and have since created thematic shows around all the Beatles’ discography including all of the lads’ solo albums.

In August 2006, Nube 9 traveled to Liverpool for the first time, invited by Dave Jones, organizer of BeatleWeek, to play 10 shows in different city scenarios linked to the Beatles, including the famous Cavern Club.  Subsequently, they went to Madrid to appear for the first time in Spain with an amazing event, where they returned in 2007, after presenting again in Liverpool, celebrating the 800 anniversary of that city, and 2009.

In March 2010, the band embarked on a tour of Russia (sharing performances with Pete Best, the first drummer of the Beatles), Belarus and Spain.

In August 2010, it returned for the fourth time to BeatleWeek in Liverpool, becoming one of the headliners of the event. Nube 9’s concert at the Anglican Cathedral, the same place where Paul McCartney presented his oratory, attracted more than 10,000 people. Another tour of Europe followed, again included Russia and Spain, Nube 9 played 30 shows in a dozen cities.

On returning to Argentina, the band continues to perform across the country and South America.

Fernando Blanco, who began his career with the popular Argentine band “Los Super Ratones”  continues to produce solo albums, using Nube 9 as his studio band.  These albums include  "Target Mobile " (2005), "Distant Seas" (2008) and "Days Moved" (2012).

In May 2011, Nube 9 featured Brian Ray (Paul McCartney’s guitarist) in some shows in Panama, Brazil and again in Buenos Aires in October. Thanks to this experience, Brian included Nube 9’s guitarist Lucrecia López Sanz in his solo project, “The Bayonets”, see video below.

During the Beatle Week 2011 in Liverpool, the band was admitted to the Hall of Fame of the event, becoming the only Argentine band to have such an award.

In November 2011, Cloud 9 was the opening act for RINGO STARR in his two performances at Luna Park Stadium in Buenos Aires.

Nube 9 is scheduled to appear at Beatle Week 2019 in Liverpool.


Nube 9 consists of:

Fernando Blanco - bass and vocals

Lucrecia López Sanz - guitar and vocals

Julián Carranza - guitar and vocals

Juan Pablo Ezquerra - keyboards and vocals

Mario González - drums