Steve Sizemore Group



The Steve Sizemore Group sticks to a proven formula of no-frills rock n’ roll: good hooks, melodies, rich harmonies, and loud guitars. Never concerned with being the next big thing, they have simply stuck to creating straightforward rock and roll. With 4 original albums to its credit and a host of various artist compilation credits, SSG’s last studio album, Beautiful Dust received critical acclaim:

“This is a CD that you wanna crank in your car stereo as you speed down the highway. Beautiful Dust hits you from the grassy knoll and easily achieves the coolest song in the world for this issue of EAR CANDY. It reminds me of a great lost CHEAP TRICK song with elements of Paul McCartney and ELO thrown in. This song is a sign of potential greatness for SSG. When you add the strength of the other originals, you’ve got some heavy expectations for the first full length SSG record. I for one think they are up for the challenge.”

Ear Candy Online Magazine, Atlanta, GA. (upon hearing the title track “Beautiful Dust” before the album’s release.)

With influences ranging from The Beatles, The Who and Cheap Trick to Kiss, Aerosmith and Bruce Springsteen, SSG sticks to a proven formula. Good hooks and melodies, rich harmonies and loud guitars! Never concerned with being the next big thing, they have simply stuck to creating straightforward rock and roll.

The band shines live. With high energy in the vein of the E Street Band, and a wall of sound reminiscent of the Who, an SSG show feels like the shaking stands at Madison Square Garden. It has been said that if Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, Beatles and a splash of Springsteen were a rock n roll stew, you’d get SSG.

Beatles fans agree. As a 12-year veteran of the world’s largest Beatles inspired music festival, Abbey Road on the River, SSG is proud to have put its signature on the most celebrated body of work in music history. Joe Carducci, Marketing Manager of Gretsch Guitars, has coined the Steve Sizemore Group “the Beatles on rocket fuel.” In 2010, SSG released a live Beatles tribute album called A Night in the Life. Their first live album serves as a great example of Steve Sizemore Group’s stage energy.

In 2011, Steve Sizemore was endorsed by Gretsch Guitars and was featured on the front page of the Gretsch website for 6 weeks and included in the Gretsch product catalog. Gretsch also sends Steve to NAMM regularly.

Currently, the band is working on a new album, but the real treat is seeing them live. With energy and presence unmatched by so many,  along with Steve switching from Bass to Piano and even a few songs on Drums, SSG proves why there is nothing like the wild and freeing spirit of pure rock and roll!